Friday, July 06, 2012

Pharo 2.0 progress

If you grab the latest Pharo 2.0 version from the CI server you will see that it has some countless new features:

 - one is Spotlight search which can by accessed by hitting SHIFT + ENTER
 - another one is grouping of windows: just select "Create Windows Group" from the window menu
    (you can drag and drop for instance two browsers together to have them tab-styled in one single
     window)- this is an idea from TWM docking windows.
 - Nautilus the new code browser
 - code completion in all tools
 - some initial metacello configurations using Tools -> ConfigurationBrowser
 - Fuel is now part of Pharo
 - if you load ScriptManager from the config browser you will notice that it is
    using Fuel (since Fuel is now part of Pharo) and also allows for code completion
 - the new filesystem code is integrated
 - you can now also set the Monticello package cache directory in the settings browser to easily share
    the *.mcz package cache folder between images
 - the new Spec UI is integrated allow you to easily build tools

More things to come in the near future:
 - Zodiac (SSL support) is integrated and soon the SSL plugins will be part of the distribution
 - Freetype, Cairo Libs bundled
 - ....

There is also a new way how fixes got reviews:
 - you open a bug in the Pharo issue tracker
 - then submit a fix as a slice to the inbox
 - set the state to ReviewNeeded
 - now "Ulysse" the code monkey script checks your fix by running all tests automatically - so
   it is easy to see in advance if the fix is working or breaking the latest builds

This speeds up the integration process.

Expect more things to come ...


Travis Griggs said...

All that, and yet the winner of the most retarded API ever, in any language, or any environment (the fact that 42 day ~= 42 days "you're always just one 's' away from a timely bug"), still persists. :)

Torsten said...

Nobody said it is yet perfect ... why dont you open an issue and help fixing ...

Unknown said...


I can not find the bug in the bug tracker:

(not along the 501 open issues or the 5812 closed ones).

So can it be that important?