Friday, May 31, 2013

Rubric demo for Pharo

Alain Plantec gives a first demo of Rubric (a deep refactoring of TextEditor) for Pharo in a new video:

Code lives on SmalltalkHub.


Another way to make a websites with ST is Websela. You can use Monticello packages to send changes to the website.

Device prototype with Smalltalk from 1991

This device was a prototype for a pen computer called the "ActiveBook". Software part was done with Smalltalk.

Artefact 1.0 - PDF framework for Smalltalk

Artefact 1.0 is released - a project implementing a PDF framework for Smalltalk.

Project and code live at on SmalltalkHub. Read more about the features in the announcement.

To easily try out download Pharo 2.0, open the config browser and load the "Artefact" project.
Then check the class PDFDemos. If you evaluate "PDFDemos runAllDemos" you will find a "pdf" directory with all the PDF samples generated.

Happy Birthday Smalltalk-80!

30 years and still strong!

Smalltalk Debugging facilities for web development

A debugger is not only something a developer uses to hunt for bugs. It is also a tool that makes a developer more productive.

In Smalltalk the debugging experience is really impressive. As someone once said:

"I love Smalltalk. I love coding in the debugger, being able to archive processes and restore them exactly later if they encounter exceptions, the amazing reliability. The economy of expression and the brilliant class library."

Soon Amber Smalltalk will bring this debugging experience also to web development. Have a look at this demo video.

Some Smalltalk history

A picture provided by Allan Wirfs-Brock with the following comment:

 "And this was how you coded a fast Smalltalk virtual machine in 1985"


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reflectivtity for Pharo

Reflectivity for Pharo is out - this tool allows you to annotate AST nodes with "metalinks". Read more.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To trap a better mouse

Ian Piumarta (Squeak Unix VM maintainer, long time Squeaker and Smalltalker) who is working for Viewpoints Research Institute will speak Wednesday May 29, 2013, 3:30 pm at Room W1008, West Building 8W, Ookayama campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology about "To trap a better mouse".

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