Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Analysis of Coronavirus using Pharo

Analysis of Coronavirus outbreak data using Pharo


Read more here.

ReStore relational persistence for Pharo

ReStore - a relational persistence project for Pharo got some more documentation.

Check it out on https://github.com/rko281/ReStoreForPharo

PragmaCompatibility for Pharo

A tiny project call PragmaCompatibility for Pharo:

Multiple changes of API happened through Pharo 6 to Pharo 8 making it hard to get the keyword of a pragma on all those versions. This project help to deal with this case.


Telescope Cytoscape v2.2.0 for Pharo

v2.2.0 of Telescope Cytoscape was released, a framework to build interactive web visualizations with Seaside and Pharo

Release notes are here: https://github.com/TelescopeSt/TelescopeCytoscape/releases/tag/v2.2.0

The main highlights are the box selection and stabilization of mouseover events.

Pharo and Lint

lint, or a linter, is a tool that analyzes source code to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors, and suspicious constructs. In elder Smalltalks you often find a tool called Smalllint.

Pharo also includes lint rules by default - integrated into the toolset - and they are very helpful. You can even add you own rules.

Pharo Reflectivity

This Reflectivity paper - describe the latest, up-to-date version of Reflectivity that is shipped with Pharo 8


Link to PDF: https://arxiv.org/abs/2002.06182

Krendrick epidemiology modeling for Pharo

More infos on Krendrick epidemiology modeling - which is based on Pharo, nice: https://bmcbioinformatics.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12859-019-2843-0

Image Processing in Pharo

Nice project providing a small Pharo library for basic image processing:


Look here for a demo.

Monday, March 02, 2020

Teachable for Pharo moved to GitHub

I moved Teachable project for Pharo now to GitHub:


You can easily load via catalog within Pharo 8.


The project shows the power of Smalltalk meachanisms within Pharo and is useful for mock object building in unit tests.

Pomodoro Timer for Pharo 8

Pomodoro Timer for Pharo is now easily loadable from Catalog in Pharo 8.


Project is available on:


An old video is here:

QuickAccess for Pharo 8

My QuickAccess project for Pharo is now available in catalog for Pharo 8 so you can easily load.


An old video explaining it is here:


YUMLGenerator for Pharo

I published some old code for Pharo on


to easily generate links for YUML to get a class hierarchy image. Helps to include simple class hierarchy pictures into your (markdown or other) documentation.

Example:     YUMLGenerator open: String


Harbour for Pharo

My Harbour file browser experiment for Pharo is now loadable from Catalog:


 Now I need to find the time to add more functionality to make it more useful...