Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pharo Graphics work for Woden2

Ronie Salgado explains some of the graphics work that is in the pipe for his Woden2 project for Pharo

Monday, July 25, 2016

How to use git and GitHub with Pharo

Explained in a blog post here.

Pharo Kiosk system

Pharo 1.1 was used to build ATM-kind software in Russian Bank. Such devices could be found in Moscow streets. Here is a sample video:


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Towards 64 Bit VMs

Nicolas has finally compiled a 64bits VM for windows - and now the OpenSmalltalk VM has makefiles for 64 bits windows. Cool!

A taste of bootstrap

With Smalltalks image approach you save the whole state of your "object oriented world" to disk and continue later at the same point of execution where you left. Some objects are part of the standard image since the 1970s which makes Smalltalk images software artefacts that are maintained since a long time.

Other Smalltalks (like Amber) work without images and bootstrap right from the beginning (like Amber which is a Smalltalk running on top of JavaScript).

Nonetheless it also makes sense to bootstrap new images right from the start and (as I already reported) the Pharo community is working on that. Now there is yet another step done for this as you can read and now also try here.

Note that the boostrapped image is already in Spur format.

Pillar 4.0.0

New update on Pillar for Pharo. Now also with an ePub exporter. Nice!

Seamless (0.8.2)

A new update for Seamless is available.


A tool to traverse object references for Pharo. Read more.

JSONWebToken for Pharo

JWT (JSONWebToken) is a token format suitable for authentication and authorization. Read about the Pharo implementation.

Freewill - GA framework for Pharo

Freewill is the name of the genetic algorithm framework for Pharo. Read more here or see it in action here.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

DSL in Pharo

Building an external Domain specific language (DSL) with the help of an internal DSL. Using PetitParser in Pharo is easy as this picture proves.

Squeak on Slack

Didnt know that Squeak also has a slack team - but found out now from a post about an easier way to join the channel. Nice!