Saturday, January 27, 2018

Cons for Pharo

In the Pharo catalog you will now also find a "Cons" project. The project provides a Lisp-style lazy cons list. Can handle Smalltalk streams and infinite generators (blocks) as though they were lists. It was written by Evan Donahue and the code is on GitHub.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Pharo 7 time planning

Usually we have a Pharo release each year in May - but the Pharo 7 release is now defered to the end of the year for good reasons.

The switch to git took a lot of time and is still ongoing with a rework in progress for Iceberg tool to simplify the UI. Also the 64 virtual machine for Windows and other important tasks keep Esteban busy. Additionally new additions to the Pharo ecosystem like the new Calypso system browser need to be integrated.

Which gives more time for contributions and cleanups. Meanwhile there are nice changes merge already (like the Shift class builder, latest Iceberg, many cleanups, ...) there are also nice additions in the pipe like the possibility to extend the Playground similar to Inspector or the possibility to use the foreign function interface without the source file in a deployment scenario.

Here is a description for the new contribution process. As an alternative you can also use my contribution project with scripts and a help topic to get you started easily. You can also use the new Pharo Launcher 1.1. or Fari - a shell to fetch and prepare new images. There will also be a Google summer of code (GSOC) in 2018 for the 14th year.

There are also additional sprint dates already announced till June 2018.

Jump in - the water is fine!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Porting from StHub to GitHub

How it could be done - read an experience report from Hernán.

Iceberg history in Calypso

How to see the full history of a method with Iceberg (the Pharo git tool) and Calypso (the upcoming new system browser). Esteban shows in a video that it could be done if your project is connected with iceberg:


Calypso Spotter tool

Esteban worked on a scoped Spotter for the new Calypso system browser for Pharo, to avoid the use of mouse/track pad when coding.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Updated PHANtom

PHANtom - a modern aspect language for Pharo Smalltalk By Johan Fabry and Daniel Galdames was updated for Pharo 6.1. by Inés Sosa

The repo can be found at:

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Google Summer of Code 2018 with Pharo Consortium

Pharo community will apply also this year - so read more.

OpenSmalltalk VM Meeting

Fabio Niephaus wants to organize a meeting on OpenSmalltalk VM. The agenda is yet to be finalized, but maybe Clément and/or Eliot may give an update on their work on Sista. Read more here if you are interested or check the doodle.