Monday, March 30, 2015

Versioned files in Pharo

Nice project from Norbert to provide versioned files:  

'test.text' asVersionedFile writeStreamDo: [:s | s nextPutAll: 'HelloWorld' ]

will create files:

  •      test.txt.1 
  •      test.txt.2 
  •      ... 

 anytime you run it. And a test.txt.seq with the current number. Useful.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

MongoTalk, MongoBrowser and Mongo Spotter support

Beside my new article "Building a Mongo Browser in Pharo" and the new Mongo Browser tool I now added support for "Spotter browsing/navigation" using a running Mongo DB instance to the project.

Just load "MongoTalk" from config browser in Pharo 4, run you Mongo database and then use Spotter to enter/search a database name.

When Mongo is running locally you can directly use spotter to browse Mongo databases, included collections and documents.

If Mongo is not running on localhost you can also switch the default
db instance:

  Mongo default: (Mongo host: 'myserver' port: 1234)

to browse remotely.

Monday, March 16, 2015

A4BP on Pharo

There is a A4BP (Assessment for Bussines Process) project to visualize data from BPM using Rossal and Moose on top of Pharo.

The web page is here:
There is also a facebook page where you see some results and a video of a BPEL Analyzer:

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Concerning Pharo

Sven has assembled some articles concerning Pharo:

SmalltalkHub project list

A simple web page list to browse the SmalltalkHub projects.

Silk for Amber Smalltalk

A Stream-based, Seaside-inspired framework for creating and manipulating contents of a page. Read more here, code is on GitHub.

Smalltalk with sentences

"Since every polite person talks in sentences, Polite Smalltalk is a programming language which encourages developers to name their method names in the most natural manner.". Read more here.

Self like IDE in Pharo

Sean DeNigris is working on a Self like infinite live editing IDE in Pharo Smalltalk. Video is here and code here.

BPEL visualization using Pharo

Looks like there is some BPEL visualization with Roassal and Pharo in the pipe.

St├ęphane Ducasse: Pharo and Smalltalk

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Pharo and J

A Pharo binding for J by Martin Saurer. J is a general-purpose, high-performance, array-oriented programming language which is particularly strong in data analysis.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

GT-Tools and HelpTopics

"Back in the good old Pharo days" (TM) I once wrote a simple help tool so we could provide a better infrastructure to browse documentation inside of the image. The idea was as simple and minimalistic as the domain model: basically anything one requires is a HelpTopic class with a title and contents. Any help topic can have subtopics so in the end they form a substructure of books with chapters. Additionally I implemented a simple HelpBrowser tool that can browse the help tree. Later some additional tools where added like editing the help contents or creating topics from wiki style syntax. If I'm not mistaken the simple help tool is also used in Squeak.

This week I played with the new GTTools in Pharo 4 (GTInspector, Spotter) and added some specific inspectors for the help topics. After e-mail conversation with Andrei Chis and Tudor Girba this was extended even more. The result is described in this nice blogpost.

It shows how powerful the adoptable GT tools in Pharo 4beta already are.

More to come like including the search of help title/contents in the spotter tool.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

More people into Smalltalk

More Smalltalkers are still required to fill jobs worldwide like in Sydney or Berlin.

But I'm sure Open Source Smalltalks like Pharo will change this to bring more people to this amazing technology.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

TrashCan of removed methods

A trash can for removed methods:

Teapot 0.9 for Pharo

A new version of Teapot was released: Teapot 0.9!/~zeroflag/Teapot

It still less than 700 Lines of code and a nice micro web framework for Pharo. You need to load "ConfigurationOfTeapot-AttilaMagyar.6", if you are on Pharo 4 you can directly load it from the configuration browser.

 As this framework is very easy to use (it bases on the concept of URL routes): you can serve dynamic or static HTML pages, JSON and other web related stuff easily from Pharo. It is nice especially if frameworks like Seaside are too heavy for your web application needs.

AST Link Annotation Infrastructure

Pharo 4.0 also includes some more AST Link Annotation Infrastructure. Read more.

Language Detection using Pharo

Language Detection API is a service to query the language of a given input text. You can use it from Pharo. Read more.