Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Too many arguments

I was not able to find a method with a higher number of arguments
than Travis found
. But I once saw an image with long methods
for Collection(class)>>with: keyword's. They extended the class side
messes of Collection like this:


So you could write

OrderedCollection with: $H with: $E with: $L with: $L with: $O

I guess they didnt know about Collection(class)>>withAll: which allows
you to write:

OrderedCollection withAll: #($H $E $L $L $O)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I agree

Cees is talking about his Java vs. Smalltalk experience. I completely agree: Eclipse makes Java less painful and Java has moved forward in the last years - but Smalltalk is still better in developer productivity and maintenance costs.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Web Cache performance

Ever read the "Oracle Application Server 10g - Administration Handbook" from Oracle Press ?

Nice book describing how to set up, administrate and manage Oracles application server. There are chapters describing how to add a web cache to enhance performance. Amusing.

Page 8 states:

"Internal Oracle tests reveal that adding the application Server 10g Web
Cache to a three-tiered application (client, application server, and database
tiers) can reduce the load on the database back end by 95 percent."

while page 156 states:

"One Oracle test showed that adding the Oracle Web cache in front of the
Oracle Application Server reduced database load by over 85 percent"

Either it was a different test or they sell two products: one for a
performance boost of 95 and one for 85 percent ;)