Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pharo success stories

The Pharo distribution of Squeak Smalltalk is already used in production environments although the first release version of Pharo (1.0), is still under heavy development.

There is a discussion on the mailing list and Adrian started a list with a few success stories so far. Not bad.

Since Pharo is now also the base for Seaside development and the base for the free Pier CMS system we can expect more to come.

Young programmers win big

Hey - if you havent already it is now time for you to have a look at Smalltalk environments. Even children from the age of four are able to create applications with it (with the help of EToys) and win contests ;)
Read more here and here.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Next generation of Smalltalkers ... (Part II)

Sorry for not updating the blog ... my time is very limited these days. But I have a good reason. Do you remember my post from October 2007? Hey since 4.50am this morning Elisa now has a little sister. Welcome on eath little Romy!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Old Squeak News

Once upon a time ... there was a news magazine based around Squeak Smalltalk which was devlivered as a CD-ROM. Maybe you remember the September issue including the declared Squeak "birthday" or the October issue on "Powerful Ideas in the Classroom".

The old sites http://www.squeakonline.com and http://www.squeaknews.com are now obsolete (and the news have a nice replacement with http://news.squeak.org/).

However whats the new thing I want to share here: Tansel made the old issues available for download.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

PhidgetLab - connecting Smalltalk with the real world

If you want to access Phidgets from Smalltalk have a look at the PhidgetLab project from HPI. A Phidget is a sensor and actuator that can be connected to a PC via USB and is now easily programmable from within your Smalltalk image.