Monday, October 28, 2019

Pharo with Style

Pharo with Style explains the difference between code that runs and code that talks to the reader. Found the book on several places:

The books source is on GitHub in

Rotten Green Tests

Rotten Green Tests explained
There is also a paper called "Rotten Green Tests A First Analysis"

Pharo Bootstrapping Challenges

In the beginning of the year 2019 I already wrote that Pharo is able to bootstrap the image. This is based on the Pharo Bootstrap project from Guille and already used in the Pharo Bootstrap process itself to form images like Pharo 7 and Pharo 8 for the releases.

If you look in the Pharo project repository you will find a bootstrap folder with the code that is used to bootstrap the standard pharo image if you are interested.

But sometimes you want to build and bootstrap an own fully custom image. There are new tools helping you to do this like the nice Pharo Bootstrapper project. This project allows you to use Pharo build small images and bootstrap own Smalltalk systems if you like.

I can also recommend to read the paper: "Challenges in Debugging Bootstraps of ReflectiveKernels"

Sindarin - advanced debugging in Pharo

Sindarin: is a Versatile Scripting API for the PharoDebugger. Watch the videos below from ESUG 2019 or read the following working paper.