Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SmalltalkHub update

SmalltalkHub got an update and is now much faster. Read more.

Roassal visualisation engine on top of Amber

The Roassal visualisation engine (which is developed in Pharo) is also ported to Amber (the Smalltalk on top of JavaScript running in a webbrowser). You can already test Roassal on top of Amber in your browser: http://pestefo.github.io/roamber Just edit the examples in the workspace, execute (select all and click on do-it) it and see how the visualisation changes.


Mmmh .... a new page about "Cocotte" defined as Smalltalk + Javascript. Based on Amber and Node.js Not much information yet - lets see when there will be an official announcement

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

PUnQLite for Pharo - using the UnQLite embeddable NoSQL database engine

You may know SQLite - a small RDBMS that one can easily use since it requires only adding a simple DLL fitting into a few kilobytes. Due to its small size it is often embedded into products.

One can also use it in Smalltalk - for instance for Pharo using a simple wrapper project.

Today also the so called "NoSQL" databases like Mongo, CouchDB and others are getting attention. Often they work with documents, key value pairs, ...

There is also a "small sized" database engine for NoSQL - it is called "UnQLite". It is an Embeddable NoSQL Database Engine and therefore requires no separate server process. The sources have no dependency - it is easy to build a DLL from the provided C File.

Now there is already a Pharo binding in progress called "PUnQLite" from  from Masashi Umezawa. The binding uses NativeBoost to call the UnQLite engine.

Really nice! So if you need a small embeddable Database for your application you should check it out.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Pharo UI building with Spec

There is a nice post on how to get started with Spec UI building in Pharo.

Pharo Compiler cleanup

More details about the compiler cleanup work going on in Pharo from Marcus.

So long and thanks for all the fish...

When I do JEE stuff with Java I typically use Glassfish - easy to install and use. Now there is an interesting move from Oracle regarding the commercial support for GF. The commercial offering is just dropped - that news is already commented people from the community.

That does not mean Glassfish will soon be dead, but it may change from a professional appserver to just a developer tool (same story as "Geronimo"?). Interesting...