Wednesday, December 20, 2017

OpenSSL for Pharo on Windows

OpenSSL-Pharo now works on Windows. Tested on Windows 10 with a fresh 32-bit Pharo 6.1 zip package downloaded from On Windows this library uses libeay.dll which is bundled with the Pharo VM. Read more here.

Well done Pierce!

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

HaltManager for Pharo

Want to better manage your debugging breakpoints in Pharo?

Then use HaltManager. Source code and docu is on GitHub:

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Pharo at Dev Conf

Christophe Demarey will present agile programming in Pharo at


A little game implemented using Bloc in Pharo 6.1. 3 jewels drop from the top.

You can move it left and right by left arrow key and right arrow key respectively. You can rotate the order of the jewels by the up arrow key. The down arrow key will drop the jewels on-to the floor. If the pile of the jewels stack on the floor have 3 or more of the same kind of jewels in a row, column or diagonal, they will vanish out and the jewels on the vanished one will fall down to the floor (or another jewel), which may cause another vanish of jewels.

This game was implemented to learn how to use Bloc. The source code is available at github

Pharo Newsletter

The Pharo newsletter archive is now available on:

If you like you can help with content or own articles for the newsletter.

TypeLWidgets for Pharo

A demo of 2 retro analog meters. The left meter monitors system status. The blue hand shows CPU load, the red for memory space and the short black for GC. The right meter shows activities of the mouse.The blue hand shows x position of the mouse cursor, the red for y position and the short black at the bottom for mouse buttons.

TypeLWidgets for Pharo is an open source library distributed at under the MIT license.