Monday, July 16, 2012

Ludus for Amber Smalltalk

Ludus is a game framework for Amber Smalltalk (the Smalltalk on top of JavaScript). Today I checked out the Sokoban game example which is written in it.

 Again if you hit F12 in your (chrome) browser on the page go to the JavaScript console and evaluate:


 you can open the Smalltalk browser and dig into the code. Amber makes client side programming really easy!

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Bernat Romagosa said...

Hi Torsten,

Thanks for the post! That was the announcement email, Ludus changed quite a bit since then. The source can be found at my github.

Although the example will still work, it is better to read the documentation, which is available by pointing to localhost:4000/ludus.html after starting the Amber web server.

I should also point out that Ludus is way behind the latest Amber version, I haven't had the time to play with it since November last year...