Monday, June 23, 2008

LifePipe for Seaside2.9

Looks like Lukas is working on wrapping the LifePipe UI library for Seaside 2.9.

The LifePipe UI is a set of MIT licensed widgets and controls. The library is based on the Prototype JavaScript library. Interesting...

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Dan released the first official version of JSqueak - a simple Squeak interpreter implemented in Java.

This may also open the door to other platforms like Android (based on the Dalvik VM, but programmable in Java)...

Better VMs - Part 2

As I reported earlier Eliot is now working on better Squeak/Croquet virtual machines. Some more news are now available from his blog and it looks like code will follow soon.

Go Eliot!

Smalltalk Evening in Munich

Unfortunately my time is very limited these days so I was not able to write much about the last Smalltalker meeting here in Munich. It was an interesting evening.
Georgios German presented the Traffic management Software developed at GEVAS which is implemented in VisualWorks. Very interesting application with lots of knowledge built in.

After that I presented an online application which I developed to demo Seaside and show some of the Seaside features. Maybe more on this later on this blog.

Short info on the next Smalltalk "Stammtisch" meeting in Munich on 26.6.2008:

Same place: GEVAS Software (Systementwicklung und Verkehrsinformatik GmbH) Nymphenburger Straße 14/Sandstr. 26.

The meeting starts 7.30pm, please use the side entrance of the building
Sandstr. 26 (5th floor)

Steffen Müller and Marco Leberfing would like to present and talk about "QueryVision" - a Seaside Application developed in Dolphin Smalltalk.

Unfortuntately I'm not able to attend the meeting - but I got a preview of the software so I'm sure it will become an interesting evening again...