Thursday, February 22, 2007

New tools for Squeak

Romain announced some updates for two new tools: BrowserBooster and SpyWare for Squeak Smalltalk.

OK - lets check how usefull they are ...

Take care with math in Java

Doing some math these days with Java. As you may already guessed doing math in Java is ugly and circumstantial compared to Smalltalk.

Especially take care if you use double values. Class BigDecimal can help here - but there are pitfalls, especially when using the wrong constructor.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pen Interaction For Authoring 3D Worlds in Croquet

The homepage of Michael Kleiber includes informations about his Master's thesis on pen Interaction For Authoring 3D Worlds. The technology used: Squeak Smalltalk and OpenCroquet

You will find the thesis, screenshots and videos.

Croquet website

Looks like the website has a new look.

Let's throw away HTML, JSP/ASP, Flex, ... and start with the future.