Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Learn Seaside

There is a nice blog teaching you how to use Seaside for building web applications at:

You can also watch the "How to build a blog 15 minutes with Seaside" screencast.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Plopp, a 3D Painting Tool for kids is now ready for downloading at

You just paint in 2D and Plopp will transform your paintings
into 3D objects. This product is created using Squeak Smalltalk.
See the announcement.

Some demo videos are available (1, 2)

Croquet 1.0 SDK is out

The Croquet 1.0 SDK is now available. Check out the new website of the croquet consortium:

Read more on Davids blog.

Monday, March 19, 2007


CMSbox is a Squeak3.9/Seaside2.8 powered CMS which has been made available by for the Swiss marketplace.

Read more at You will find some demo movies on the right side of the page.

Smalltalk Archeology Archive

There is a new page by Aaron Reichow about old Smalltalk versions called "Smalltalk Archeology Archive". Read his posting for more.

Squeak VM for Nokia 770

Squeak now also runs on the Nokia 770.

Monday, March 12, 2007

TopLink, GLORP and O/R mapping

Oracle open-sourced TopLink last week. For those who dont know: TopLink is a object-relational mapping framework (that lets developers work cleanly at the object level rather than in relational tables). TopLink is now part of Oracles application server.

As many other notable technologies TopLink was invented and marketed in Smalltalk first and later ported to Java. The first version was written by Jon Hylands at The Object People (TOP). There is a nice summary of the history at the Oracle website.

As you may know The Object People got diverted into doing mostly Java work, and were eventually bought and split into two pieces (WebGain got the TOPLink piece, and BEA got the services piece). WebGain is now out of business, and TOPLink was sold to Oracle.

While Java people may be satisfied with TopLink any informed Smalltalker know that there is a more enhanced successor written by Alan Knight: GLORP (Generic Lightweight Object-Relational Persistence). Alan was also working at TOPLink and is now working for Cincom.

James Robertson recorded a nice podcast last week talking with Alan Knight and Michael Lucas-Smith on GLORP and about O/R mapping in general. Thanks James, for making this available!

BTW: Jon Hylands is building autonomous controllers today using Squeak Smalltalk.

DabbleDB - maps and charts

DabbleDB now supports maps and charts. Watch a screencast for a demo.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Old dude T-Shirts

As Wayne Beaton reports there are some old dudes who know smalltalk at EclipseCon conference.

It looks like Instantiations is already designing some T-shirts for "old dudes".

I already warned you that I'm infected with Smalltalk and pure OO since years. For me it is to late. ;)

So stop reading this blog - otherwise you may get the Smalltalk virus too!