Thursday, March 31, 2016

Man page support in OSUnix

I now provide Unix man page support in OSUnix for Pharo,
here an example in Ubuntu:


docu is here.

Support for CDB in Pharo

CDB, which is short for "constant database" is a database where the DB contains an entire data set (e.g. a single associative array) in a single computer file. Four students from a lecture released the Pharo implementation for CDB support as Stef wrote. The repo can be found on STHub.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Simple FogBugz Search tool in Pharo

Played with the JSON API of Pharo FogBugz issue tracker with the outcome of another little Pharo tool that lets you:
  • login to FogBugz from Pharo
  • enter a string and search for according issues
  • open a browser on a selected issue in the result list (works on Linux and Win so far) 
The project repo is at:!/~TorstenBergmann/FogBugz

One can use the client also directly:

|client| client := FogBugzClient loginUser: 'abc at' password: 'secret'. (client query: 'UFFI') inspect. client logout

You can download the tool in latest Pharo 5 (50660 or later) from catalog or by opening the Spotter and entering "FogBugz", wait and hitting ENTER.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


After a renaming discussion on the pharo-dev list I suggested to rename "SciSmalltalk" into "PolyMath" and it looks like this proposal got accepted.

At least now there is a new repo on STHub:!/~PolyMath/PolyMath/


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Moose-FAMIX SAP-Extractor

A project to extract model data from a SAP system into the analysis platform Moose on Pharo Smalltalk (by using FAMIX). Read more.

Easy deploy of Pharo applications on the Web (Linux)

You can setup a full Seaside application behind Apache webserver. Or you could setup more lightweight behind NGINX.

Here is a short help on how to do that on Linux.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

SqueakJS on ElectronJS (repackaging as desktop app again)

Web applications everywhere, but there are still desktop applications with full access to the underlying computer on the other side.

But meanwhile one can also create desktop applications using HTML, JS and Node.js, package them into an executable file and distribute it to all platforms (Windows, OS X, Linux, ...). There is a framework called Electron that allows to package an HTML/JS based application as a desktop application.

The portable Squeak Smalltalk which is usually running as a desktop application by using a native and fast Cog VM provides also a reimplementation of the Squeak VM in JavaScript. This project is from Bert and is called "SqueakJS". It allows to run Squeak Smalltalk on top of JavaScript within an HTML page. Because of the portability it runs 1:1.

And guess what: one can also use Electron to package SqueakJS then as a traditional desktop application again...

A nice twitter post from Fabio Niephaus who exactly did that can be found here: SqueakSmalltalk running on Cog VM vs. on SqueakJS on electronjs

Havent checked how fast this is ... but the lines between desktop and web based Smalltalk deployment become blurred once again.

Free Access to Ephemeric Cloud

There is free access to Ephemeric Cloud to all Pharo association members. Try it out!

Alan Kay talk at Coors Television (VPRI 0035)

Pharo Days Preregistration

is here.