Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Smalltalk 80 VM

Dan Banay released (on the day of the 80th anniversary of Alan Kay) a fully functional Smalltalk-80 VM capable of running the original ST-80 images as distributed by Xerox Parc in 1979 and 1980. Really nice, especially when you check the code which is available on


PDF and SVG from Athens in Pharo

Latest Pharo 9alpha image includes an AthensCairoPDFSurface and an AthensCairoSVGSurface class which you can use to easily create a PDF or SVG from an Athens Graphic Canvas in Pharo

Just click on the picture:


Compendium for Pharo

Compendium for Pharo is now able to show a list per repository and a list of repos per author for the GitHub projects.

Also it shows the old Catalog entries - so finding project and code should be fairly easy now ...

Code is on

Pandemics were explained and visualized by Alan back in 1998 using Squeak Smalltalk and particle simulation in Morphic in this video:


 And the BouncingAtomsMorph still works in recent Squeak Smalltalk just in case you want to show it to your kids ...


Pharo and

I tried  with a simple script to download and run Pharo headless and also Pharo UI Works nicely - within the top right part of the browser window one can even see and use the Pharo window.

Clickable but X-Windows emulation does not seem to show the full window (try clicking on "full screen mode" in the welcome window to adjust this).

Try this


Just consider to create an own account on and use the following code in a

echo *********************************************
echo * Download and run Pharo
echo *********************************************

# prepare
if [ -d build ]; then rm -Rf build; fi
mkdir build
cd build

# download 
wget -O- | bash

# run
./pharo-ui ./Pharo.image

Chanel for Pharo

Chanel: a code cleaner for Pharo Smalltalk

Source code is here:

Roasssal 3 with SVG importer

Roassal 3 - the visualization engine for Pharo now also provides an SVG importer


Uncommon-Themes for Pharo

A little collection of themes for Pharo, really uncommon. But maybe you like it and want to give it a try.



This tool is the easiest way to create Pharo images with your project and release them on the Github Releases page.

Project is on GitHub:

Atomic game

Atomic game - written in Pharo. The objective of the game is to build molecules moving the given atoms.

Source code is on:


Testing Pharo UFFI Binding with Travis

Want to test your Pharo project using FFI with Travis-CI using Smalltalk-CI. BenoƮt "badetitou" Verhaeghe explains how to use it.

Google Firebase REST API and Pharo

Peter provides a simple Smalltalk layer on top of the Google Firebase REST API for Pharo:

Pharo MOOC now on Youtube

The MOOC for Pharo is now available on Youtube

Roassal3 Video exporter

There is a Video exporter for Roassal3 made with osprocess, ffmpeg and Pharo. Read more here.