Monday, April 16, 2012

Inside OOVM

Kasper V. Lund (who is now working on Google Dart Language) provides a link to his Master thesis which he wrote with Jakob R. Andersen called "Revolutionizing Embedded Software".

Both worked together with Lars Bak in the OOVM team. Lars should be known to you from his V8 JavaScript Engine implementation in Google Chrome, the Strongtalk project and others.

OOVM is a Smalltalk based virtual machine that allows programmers to hook in remotely and modify code on the fly without needing to reboot the environment.

This VM allowed you to connect to running embedded devices and directly manipulate every object, class, or method. Which is a very known concept for us Smalltalkers since the beginning it allowed interactive programming environments for embedded system developers as well.

However - interesting paper.

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