Monday, April 23, 2012

2nd favorite language

Just stumbled over this presentation from Eric Clayberg with an introduction to Dart for Smalltalkers. You can also watch the video here. As you may know Dart is an attempt from Google to provide a better language than JavaScript for structured web apps. Its interesting and in my spare time I follow new Dart development by looking at or Dart news on Google+.

One interesting thing I noticed is that Eric's presentation is dated March 2012. Nothing special for you. But at least something that made me personally think. Exactly 12 years ago in March 2000 we both attended the first CampSmalltalk in San Diego where a bunch of Smalltalkers gathered to make the world a better place and have a great time. It was my first visit to the states and yes - we all had a great time.

At the Camp Eric had a few copies of the original Smalltalk issue of the BYTE magazine and I got the last one he had left. I was so happy about this historical trophy - it still has a special place in my library!
Eric is meanwhile working for Google as Engineering Manager for the new Dart Editor at Google. One of his slides in the Dart presentation is:

"Let us know if Dart is your new 2nd favorite language :)"

I have to admin I'm not sure what my 2nd favorite language is. There are many nice languages out there:
  • Is it JavaScript since it is widely present and IMHO the dynamic languages with the best adoption
  • Is it Dart since its new and better structured than JavaScript?
  • Is it Groovy which is a nice scripting language for the JVM with Java, Lisp and Smalltalk roots and Smalltalk syntax on the wish list.
  • Is it Amber since it allows me to run Smalltalk on JavaScript
  • Is it Java since I (have to) use it in daily work and is the most wide spread
  • Is it SQL since (relational) data often survives code/programs?
  • Is it C since stupid TIOBE ranking says it has now overtaken Java.
When I look back these 12 years many new languages have evolved and I like that now more and more people turn to dynamic languages since they now see the benefits to build dynamic systems. Unfortunately only a few walk in to metaprogramming. So it's not really clear to me what my 2nd favorite language is.

But I know what my first favorite language is and the programming future still has to be invented.

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