Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Need Fuel

Fuel - a new project to implement binary object serialization for Pharo is part of the ESUG SummerTalk. It's work in progress but already usable, there is a ConfigurationOfFuel metacello config to easily load it.

Read about the details here or on the project website. The Source code can be found on, there is also an issue tracker. According to the benchmarks its faster than SmartRefStream.

It is very easy to serialize and materialize (deserialize) an object, you can store blocks (that get evaluated when loaded again) and Fuel takes care to keep global instances like Transcript.

| sourceArray loadedArray |
sourceArray := Array
with: 'HelloWorld'
with: Transcript
with: [ Transcript show: 'a string' ].
"Store to the file"
FLSerializer serialize: sourceArray toFileNamed: 'example.fl'.
"Load from the file"
loadedArray := FLMaterializer materializeFromFileNamed: 'example.fl'.

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