Friday, May 20, 2011


Need some easy visualizations in your application written in Pharo?
Then check out EyeSee:

Gofer it
squeaksource: 'EyeSee';
package: 'ConfigurationOfEyeSee';
(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfEyeSee) loadDefault

It is easy to create diagrams with it. Check out the examples in class "ESExamples".

I tried it in Pharo 1.2 - some examples were broken since the class Circle was removed. This is currently discussed on pharo-list. However - it's easy to fix.

Next time I need some visualizations I use Pharo instead of Excel ;)


Tudor said...

EyeSee was just fixed. All examples should work now. Tudor

Crenshinibon said...

The "ESExamples >> tableExample" seems still not to be working.

At first there were wrong messages to Matrix (at: and: put:). After changing it to "at: at: put:" there came up other issues.