Friday, August 07, 2009

Remote Control on Seaside images

When you want to remote control a headless seaside webserver image
(pharo or squeak based) you may want to choose VNC. There is a package already available called RFB (Remote Frame Buffer).

Miguel tweaked it a little bit these days. Read more here and here.

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Unknown said...

Hi Torsten,
at the moment the new version of RFB is only tested on pharo core and pharo web. I don't test it on squeak, and I used as base the version of RFB from Lukas Renggli from his own repo. This version already had changes that were pharo specific. I suppose that the changes I made can be backported to the squeak/squeaksource version but I don't had time to do it as I am concentrating on pharo right now.

BTW. Your blogger configuration only permits posting comments with a google/blogger account. Maybe you could permit also moderated comments for people without google account.

Miguel Cobá