Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dolphin Smalltalk Next Generation

Were getting closer to September ... would be interesting if the community will get more informations on the announced DNG (Dolphin Smalltalk Next Generation) beta release - (see here) about the DNG startup workshop in Tarvisio, Italy.

What is Dolphin Smalltalk Next Generation: easily said it is Dolphin Smalltalk (a very interesting Smalltalk derivate for windows) now running on the LSW virtual machine from Frank Lesser. AFAIK the first version will be a Dolphin 6 running on the new VM including with support for FFI and a pluggable JIT.
The new image should also be split up into many self contained "mini-images" (SLL's).

The last info I got was from here and there.

Interesting times ...


Clarco said...

I am still waiting until there is anything to see, and that does not mean paying for a demo version (or whatever strange license model is there) and then not being allowed to talk about it.

KanjiRecog said...

Is there any news of Dolphin Smalltalk Next Generation? I am still running 6.0 Pro ..