Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pharo Preview Setup for Windows

Even if the pharo distribution of Squeak is still in the alpha stage I already created a simple setup with the lates dev-image from Damien so pharo is easily consumable by Windows users. It should now be easy to start without having to know where to get the image/changes file, the sources and the latest virtual machine.

I've used NSIS installer for the setup and the nice logos provided by Samuel.
The whole process is described here and here in case anyone wants to build an own custom virtual machine for a distribution or commercial application.

You can download the setup.exe here. Use at your own risk and note that the pharo community has some more bugs to fix ;)

Thanks to all for making this possible - with the pharo distribution Squeak now really has stopped looking toyish. Only 10MB download for a complete world full of Smalltalk :)

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Torsten said...

Newer setups are available here:


Scroll down to the Win32 Setup section