Monday, May 11, 2009

Meteoroid, a MVC framework for the web using Comet

Lautaro Fernández announced the first beta version of Meteoroid, a Comet-based framework running on top of Seaside.

It allows you to create "live" web application in a few steps - you can trigger changes to connected web browsers by using an observer-like mechanism. Each time the model changes, an announcement is triggered and data being pushed from the server to a special div in the browser.

There is
- the project page
- a prepackaged download based on the VisualWorks VM and image
- a screencast how to install the project yourself

Just start the image with the virtual machine executable and start two or more browsers on http://localhost:8080/seaside. Anytime you change (for instance the shared counter application) the other browsers will update. Nice ...

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