Thursday, October 04, 2018

ARCOS - Augmented Reality Collabroative Operating System

Several times within this blog I reported about Croquet. It was written in Squeak Smalltalk and supported communication, collaboration, resource sharing, and synchronous computation among multiple users. Basically it was a followup of ideas from Morphic - but all in 3D. You could create and visit portals to interactively collaborate.

 If I remember correctly it was later open sourced and ended up in OpenCobalt.NET - there are still some infos are on the Squeak wiki and a video on Youtube.

 It was also continued as OpenQwaq platform and used to form solutions for a company named 3dicc
(started by Ron Teitelbaum, David A Smith and Andreas Raab).

I also reported on the Lively Kernel project - a JavaScript based Kernel and IDE to also followup on these ideas allowing dynamic and linked worlds within your web browser. There is also a video available.

Now it seems there is a fully new web based implementation of these historic ideas available. It is called ARCOS - Augmented Reality Collabroative Operating System and if you check it out you will find many similarities.

Fully written in JavaScript and based on LivelyKernel but with a similar UI as in Squeak Croquet. If you check out the source code you will even find that the classes are prefixed with a "T" - which was back in the time the prefix for TeaTime (a specific framework for Croquet).

You can try it instantly in your browser using the following link or watch the following videos for a demo:

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