Thursday, March 24, 2016

Simple FogBugz Search tool in Pharo

Played with the JSON API of Pharo FogBugz issue tracker with the outcome of another little Pharo tool that lets you:
  • login to FogBugz from Pharo
  • enter a string and search for according issues
  • open a browser on a selected issue in the result list (works on Linux and Win so far) 
The project repo is at:!/~TorstenBergmann/FogBugz

One can use the client also directly:

|client| client := FogBugzClient loginUser: 'abc at' password: 'secret'. (client query: 'UFFI') inspect. client logout

You can download the tool in latest Pharo 5 (50660 or later) from catalog or by opening the Spotter and entering "FogBugz", wait and hitting ENTER.

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