Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pharo books built using CI

Writing books and writing software have a lot in common. One can write code or books in different languages and styles, let the story go different paths, a review is recommended before publishing, ...

I dont know if unit testing for books exist - but also a story in a novel has to follow some rules. For instance it would not make sense if the murder is the same victim or the detective in a crime story.

So if software can be assembled and built using a continuos integration server why not do the same for books and documentation.

The Pharo community addresses this as well: from today on all pharo books are now built in one place at the Pharo CI server.

Soon we will also have a page.

If you can wait for more have a look at:


Damien Cassou said...

The link to pharocloud points to your website instead.

Torsten said...

Corrected, thanks Damien!