Thursday, April 10, 2014

Amber, Pharo and Websockets

Working with Websockets using Amber on the client, Pharo on the server:

Read more here or try the application yourself.

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bobcalco said...

I am tempted by your demo to use Amber with a Web Sockets project I am leading, but I don't understand from your video how you set the environment up (at all, actually).

Moreover my back end requirements are entirely different. I won't be using Pharo or MongoDB on the backend, but rather a framework called EWDjs which is intended to connect to back end Globals/MUMPS databases. EWDjs supports web sockets out of the box as it runs on NodeJS with

Do you have any kind of tutorial for setting your project up, so that I can figure out how to fit Amber into my requirements? Or can you create one? That would be awesome.