Sunday, March 02, 2014

NativeBoost binding for SQLite3

SQLite3 is a nice small relational database. For the open source Smalltalks like Squeak and Pharo there is a long history in accessing it:

 - if I remember correctly an initial wrapper for SQLite 2 came from Avi Bryant
 - then a first cut on an FFI wrapper for SQLite3 was created by Claes-Fredrik Mannby
 - I cleaned it up a little bit then and moved it to Metacello, it was on Squeaksource
 -later I moved it to STHub and it is still usable in Pharo 3.0

Still all this was based on the usual FFI interface. FFI is still working but Pharo meanwhile has NativeBoost which allows to do external bindings.

Now Pierce Ng took action and created a NativeBoost binding for SQLite3. The project is called NBSQLite3He blogged about it and you could load the code from ss3.

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