Thursday, January 09, 2014

Pharo 3 is green, beta and very usable

Pharo 3.0 build is now green, with 34134 (together) tests for the 3 architectures (Win, Mac, Linux).
This is really impressive and the new 3.0 version is now also beta (since mid december 2013).

Even when it is not yet a final release please port your own projects already and make your configs available in!/~Pharo/MetaRepoForPharo30

so they will appear in the Pharo 3.0 config browser and will be ready when Pharo 3.0 will be released. It is already very stable and usable.

The config browser already includes many cool projects like

There is also a windows installer in preparation, try it and give feedback on the mailinglist.

I'm sure the Pharo 3.0 release in 2014 will be again a major step forward!

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