Thursday, November 14, 2013

PUnQLite for Pharo - using the UnQLite embeddable NoSQL database engine

You may know SQLite - a small RDBMS that one can easily use since it requires only adding a simple DLL fitting into a few kilobytes. Due to its small size it is often embedded into products.

One can also use it in Smalltalk - for instance for Pharo using a simple wrapper project.

Today also the so called "NoSQL" databases like Mongo, CouchDB and others are getting attention. Often they work with documents, key value pairs, ...

There is also a "small sized" database engine for NoSQL - it is called "UnQLite". It is an Embeddable NoSQL Database Engine and therefore requires no separate server process. The sources have no dependency - it is easy to build a DLL from the provided C File.

Now there is already a Pharo binding in progress called "PUnQLite" from  from Masashi Umezawa. The binding uses NativeBoost to call the UnQLite engine.

Really nice! So if you need a small embeddable Database for your application you should check it out.

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