Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pharo3.0 now with Metacello2

Starting from today Pharo 3.0 includes Metacello2.

Beside many improvements you can now also make your project configuration class (which usually is named after your project "ConfigurationOfProjectName") a subclass of the predefined class ConfigurationOf.

   ConfigurationOf subclass: #ConfigurationOfExample 
           instanceVariableNames: '' 
           classVariableNames: '' 
           poolDictionaries: '' 
           category: 'ConfigurationOfExample' 

So no need to include metacello bootstrap methods on each configuration.
Did I mention that you can now also work with FileTree and GitHub? ;)


Esteban said...

Too sad, I needed to rollback.
It will be probably tomorrow or friday :)

Esteban said...

I needed to rollback :(
It will be tomorrow or the day after.