Friday, June 14, 2013

Barcodes in Smalltalk

Didnt know Barcodes are so easy to implement in Smalltalk. So I started with EAN13 barcode together with unit tests.

Project lives on:!/~TorstenBergmann/Barcode

You can also load it using the config browser in Pharo 2.0 now. It is already usable - thanks to the power of Pharo.

Short Guide:

 To instantiate: BarcodeEAN13 value: '2109876543210'
You can get the binarySequence of a barcode:

(BarcodeEAN13 value: '2109876543210') binarySequence

calcuate the checksum (last digit):

 (BarcodeEAN13 value: '2109876543210') computeChecksum

 or visualize the barcode:

  BarcodeEAN13 example asForm asMorph openInWorld

 or to write to a file:

   PNGReadWriter putForm: BarcodeEAN13 example asForm onFileNamed: 'sample.png'

  Now includes EAN8 as well

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