Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hobbes for Pharo

Pavel announced "Hobbes for Pharo". Hobbes (Highly Objectified Blue Book Equivalent Smalltalk) is a virtual machine for the original Smalltalk-80 Version 2 by Xerox.

The Squeak/Pharo port is available now at SqueakSource:

Hobbes was first ported to Squeak by Dan Ingalls, later ported to VisualWorks by Vassili Bykov. There is an old version for Squeak available here.

You can see the VisualWorks version in action on a Simberon page.


Vassili Bykov said...

Wow, talk about confused facts.

Hobbes was written by me for VisualWorks in 2001 and ported to Squeak by Dan Ingalls and me in 2004. Xerox had nothing to do with any of that.

Torsten said...

The link to Xerox was mentioned in the announcement from Pavel.

So VW was first and then Squeak, sorry - should have done more research.

Thanks for making all this clear!

Vassili Bykov said...

Yes, I think Pavel meant the Smalltalk-80 image was by Xerox.

Ludovic L'Hours said...

I guess it has already been asked a thousand times, but where can we find the original Smalltalk-80 version 2 image?
I can understand that it's still copyrighted by Xerox (which may explain why it's hard to find), but it should now be considered a World Heritage by UNESCO !

Torsten said...

I guess one has to ask Xerox to release it so it can become World Heritage ;)

AFAIK it is still not available - but at least one can learn from the Hobbes code.