Wednesday, September 02, 2009

MVC - Squeaks Smalltalk 80 roots

Building a custom Squeak Smalltalk image is easy these days. Have a look at Pharo or Cuis.

Interesting enough Sungjin Chun created an MVC only image (yes without Morphic) based on Squeak 3.8 in the style of the original Smalltalk-80. You can download it here.


Peter William Lount said...

Thanks very much Sungjin Chun! I love the old Smalltalk MVC stuff! I sometimes use it. It is the GUI I used to learn Smalltalk full time back in 1984 when I got my hands on it.

Unknown said...

That is actually quite nice to use and very fast. Is it possible to use it for Seaside applications?

Unknown said...

Actually very nice to use and fast. Is it possible to run Seaside and maybe the eComplete package?