Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cloud Computing ... in Smalltalk

Jan van de Sandt announced "Cloudfront AWS" - a new open source project he is developing together with Ernest Micklei. The code provides easy access from Smalltalk to the Amazon Web Services for cloud computing.

It's nice to have Ernest back in Smalltalk - on squeaksource he states: "Smalltalk is coming back, so am I".
I once worked with him as a consultant and enjoy his ideas like Teachable Objects.

For Smalltalk he typically used VisualAge - but I gave him an update on Pharo, Squeak dev tools and Seaside29 in December and it is nice to see that they now choose Squeak as the first platform for their new project and port to other ST dialects later.

Expect to see more interesting things on the new blog, especially since both of them seem so fascinated by Smalltalk that they even commited code to squeaksource on the christmas evening ;)

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