Monday, September 08, 2008

September Smalltalk in Munich

Today we have our next Smalltalk meeting here in munich. We start 7pm in the VSA building, Englschalkinger Straße 150 (subway station Arabellapark).

VSA is building health care systems using VisualAge Smalltalk. There will also be a presentation from Joachim Tuchel on VisualAge. I met him coincidentally this morning at the central railway station.

The event is open so feel free to come by if you are interested in Smalltalk. Thanks to Steffen Müller for all the coordination work.


Clarco said...

Can someone do a video presentation, please?

Clarco said...

Can someone video-tape this?

Torsten said...

Unfortunately we had no cam. Next time I try to post earlier so
one should be able to get together with the MSUG (Munich Smalltalk User Group)

However - you can visit the VisualAge Forum Europa 2008 which is a free event
on September 23rd in Frankfurt. Joachim will repeat his presentation there.