Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Food for thought

More and more Java add on vendors stop their business. Looks like it is not a viable business model anymore to sell tools or software in general. Read the story of Enerjy plugin for Java (a static code analysis tool) for yet another example. Some shops close down, others switch to becoming service providers.

Also the Java community get more and more fragmented. People start looking for alternatives like dynamic systems.

Especially after more and more people lamenting on new language extensions and the growing complexity of Java (even people from Sun). Others already announce that Java as dead.

I think computer science should start to learn from past experiences (instead of reinventing the wheel) and try to decrease complexity using minimalistic concepts.
Have a look at Smalltalk to see how powerfull systems can be just by having dynamic systems based on two simple things: objects and messages.

A very interesting talk in this regard is Ian's presentation from the workshop on self-sustaining Systems (S3). Food for thought ...

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