Friday, January 25, 2008

Smalltalk evening at the OOP2008

Some pictures from the OOP 2008 Smalltalk evening, click to enlarge:

Suzanne Fortman, Marketing Manager Cincom

The evening begins with 3 parallel tracks

Arden Thomas, Cincom talking about Smalltalk

- many things were invented in Smalltalk
- Smalltalk continues pioneering
- Closures, Reflection, Image Based Development
- "Try doing that while it's running"
- changing the definition of an object while it is running
- Smalltalk is enjoyable and addictive

An OpenGL demo created in Smalltalk. "Change it while it is running!"

- he refactored the running OpenGL graphic animation

Lukas Renggli talking about Seaside

- Problems with page oriented frameworks: logic cluttered on many pages
- Seaside is a web framework
- does the web job, no persistence solution by default like in RoR
- always valid XHTML
- Web components and applicaton logic written in Smalltalk, styling in CSS
- web components with own state/model management
- Backtracking and Continuations
- Seaside is secure by default (encoding, no parameters, ...)

A few web applications using Seaside

Seaside is also able to handle high traffic

Improvements in the new Seaside version

The new Seaside version has improvements in memory footprint and rendering speed. Read the official Seaside website for more.

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