Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Seaside Marketing

After Giles Bowkett posts about Seaside's "Marketing Problem" there is a nice reaction from Kurt Schrader.

I totally agree with Kurt. Seaside rocks compared to other web technologies.
I can show it to other people, they are all fascinated but go back and use file editors and other primitive tools and frameworks. They restart the web server after each major refactoring and read many books and specs about predefined behavior and XML configurations. Sometimes I'm amongst them to make a living ;)

But I dont care. I know and use Smalltalk since many years - it still is my secret weapon. I'm always a step ahead and much more productive with it.

Here is an example: I once created an applications using Seaside and finished it within a month. It took an external team (3 people) nearly one year to recreate it using Java technology for the same functionality.

The reason is simple: in Smalltalk I can keep the focus on the problem. Especially web development with Java is bloated with very specialized frameworks these days. If you ever worked with JSP/JSF/Struts/CF/EJB/... you know what I'm talking about.

Only a few people looking for Rails and other dynamic alternatives ...

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