Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mondrian for Squeak

Mondrian is getting ported from VisualWorks to Squeak. With Mondrian it is easy to create a certain view on a software system by a few smalltalk lines. I used it back in a VisualWorks project I once worked as a consultant and found it really helpfull. It shows relations in object oriented systems and helps you to find where to start with refactorings.

Just load the latest version of the port from The current state of the port looks promising:

This is what I got after evaluating:

MOPaintings classInheritanceOf: ParseNode.
MOPaintings systemComplexityOf: ParseNode

The graph shows the inheritance hierarchy for the class ParseNode. The width of the rectangles represents the number of instance variables, the height the number of methods. Take care of large rectangles on top of the graph - superclasses may define behavior not needed in every subclass. Specialization should be at the bottom of the inheritance tree ...

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