Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Squeak Developer Workspace (including Seaside)

A new release of DeveloperWorkspace for Squeak 3.9 is available. It creates a predefined image and may help developers as well as beginners. It now also includes all packages for Seaside development.

Some of its features:

  • assembles usefull packages and developer tools (AST, FFI, RefactoringBrowser, RoelTyper, TestBrowser, Techo, ScriptManager, MemoryUsage, ...)
  • syntax highlighting using Shout
  • autocompletion using eCompletion package
  • includes seaside and a seaside workspace to easily start web development (no external webserver required)
  • window switching using ALT+W (thanks to keybinder)
  • provides an beginners workspace (uncomplete, help appreciated)

Unfortunately I was not able to register a new package version on SqueakMap today, so here is a short howto:

Download the latest 3.9 release of Squeak (actually from

Open a new workspace and evaluate the following code:

| repository version |
repository := MCHttpRepository location: '' user: '' password: ''.
version := repository versionFromFileNamed: 'DEVImageInstaller-tbn.4.mcz'.
version load.

A workspace will appear with

DEVImageInstaller install

Just select this text and evaluate it.

Answer all following questions with "yes" or "ok". Note that you have to provide a username and password during the install. They are used to secure the seaside webserver configuration console.

When the installation finishes just save the image. You can now use the tools or follow the instructions in one of the workspaces.

Have fun

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Unknown said...

I saw this blog post on planet squeak yesterday, and was surprised to see MemoryUsage mentioned in it. I wrote MemoryUsage a few years ago when I was trying to learn how to use Morphic -- I thought it was a small toy that would be easy to implement. I never realized that developers would actually find it useful!