Monday, December 12, 2005

Today's (Smalltalk) IDE's Part II

The discussion about the power of Smalltalk IDE's continues. Some comments again:

Looks like Talios only accepts an IDE as powerfull if it supports auto completion. Dolphin Smalltalk may have some problems here. But why generalize then?

The eCompletion (Eclipse style completion) package from Squeak works quite nicely and only shows the appropriate selectors:

But there are cases where auto completion is not able to quess the type of an object (for instance when you play with reflection).

I dont claim Smalltalk IDE's to be the holy grail, but compared to other IDE's they are flexible and open. If it doesnt work in Dolphin you can change the auto completion very easily. Ever tried to change the auto completion of VisualStudio? ;)

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