Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Smalltalk Evening in Munich

Visited the OOP 2005 last wednesday here in munich. I've spend the morning in some Oracle presentations on JSF (Java Server Faces) and J2EE. They showed a beta version of their JDeveloper product where you could visually build a JSF webpage. Nothing really new - Microsoft presented this for .NET in VisualStudio 2 years ago. Lot's of file editing in Java source files, JSP pages and XML configurations.

More and more J2EE tool vendors will now support the open source projects from the apache group like Struts or Jakarta Tag Libs. Unfortunately they run like lemmings into a really cumbersome Java technologies and I'm sure most of their customers will have to pay the bill for this later. I may share my own experiences in some of my next postings.

After lunch there was an interesting presentation from Erich Gamma about developing the Eclipse core technology. Maybe I will post some infos on that too in a few days.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts a Smalltalk evening took place on this day. It started with a talk by Joseph Pelrine from Metaprog.com about Testing. A second presentation by Andreas Tönne (from Georg Heeg e.K.) showed how easy it can be to develop a web application from within Smalltalk. For a Smalltalker migrating to web applications is just building a different view in the MVC triad. ;)

The day ended with some friend in a nice pub in the city of munich.

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