Wednesday, December 22, 2004


The OOVM Resilient from Lars Bak (main architect of the Java HotSpot virtual machine) is renamed to OSVM and is now provided by Esmertec. OSVM is a Smalltalk derivate for building applications for mobile devices.

The OSVM platform is based on a small object-oriented virtual machine, which runs directly on hardware without the need for an operating system. The compactness makes it possible to fit the virtual machine, core libraries, device drivers, TCP/IP networking stack, and user applications in less than 128KB of memory.
Read the product brochure to get more informations.

Looks like the Smalltalk market is constantly growing ...

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aaron said...

That's the thing- Squeak doesn't have to be ugly- not at all! Even some smaller things can be done easily to make it look nicer in general, and ton more 'acceptable' to closed-mind types.

I hang out in the #squeak IRC channel at, and we get a lot of people who are Squeak newbies, but have experience coding in C, Python, Java, etc. For many, they complain about the look of Squeak. Actually, it's oftentimes one of the first things they say! And then I show them a screenshot of what Squeak looks like on my computer. And I let them know that I can easily load in any other IceWM theme I want.

Another example is Dynapad, my Squeak PDA OS/environment. Here are a couple of screenshots from newer applications:
for example the Calendar and Notes applications. Now, I think that looks nicer than default Squeak, but maybe it depends on who is looking.

What I'm trying to say is that it wouldn't take a lot to make the default look of Squeak a lot nicer. It wouldn't take a huge overhaul of Morphic or window management, nor would it take a fancy graphic designer. Not to say the help of one wouldn't be appreciated!

(rev aaron at bit qua bit dot com)