Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Squeak in education

Found a new project called iStoa.net developed for education in Squeak Smalltalk.
It is a learning environment with emphasis on interactive activities through
artifacts, recording of student activities for further analysis, curriculum
modeling with oriented graphs and learner modeling.

Looks like the client application is also running on the OLPC XO notebook.

Code is available at:

  1. http://www.squeaksource.com/iStoaCore.html

  2. http://www.squeaksource.com/iStoaExo.html

  3. http://www.squeaksource.com/iStoaWeb.html

  4. http://www.squeaksource.com/iStoaArtifact.html

  5. http://www.squeaksource.com/iStoaEtayage.html

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