Thursday, November 09, 2017

YandexTranslator for Pharo

An implementation for the Yandex rest translation service for Smalltalk. Code is here:

Lazaro - Screen reading for Pharo

A set of adapters for most of the famous and popular screen readers. This package allows you to use a screen reader with Pharo. Code is here:

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Winter - Develop games in Pharo

Project "Winter" from Alvaro Piorno is the new and updated version of "Storm" from Esteban Lorenzano. It is a 2D game development framework using FFI with Chipmunk2D Physics Engine. Code is on GitHub:

Monday, October 30, 2017

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Allen Wirfs-Brock - A Modular Journey To A World Spanning Virtual Image

Interesting video on the history of Smalltalk at Tectronix from Allen Wirfs-Brock

 and the slides are available here.

Libusb binding and HID for Pharo

There is a Libusb  binding (using UFFI) and support for the Human Interface Device - HID (that uses the binding but is written in pure Smalltalk) for Pharo. Code is on GitHub.

Read the announcement

Software exploration tool Moose2Model for developers (ABAP, SAP, Java, Smalltalk, …) – Roadmap

There is a Software exploration tool Moose2Model for developers (ABAP, SAP, Java, Smalltalk, …) written in Pharo. You can now read the Roadmap. You can see some of this in the ESUG 2017 presentation of Rainer Winkler

Pharo success story: Driving ATMs in Moscow streets (Videos)

As I already reported here Pharo 1.1 was used to build ATM-kind software in Russian Bank. Such devices could be found in Moscow streets. Now there are two videos available on that, one showing the system in action

 and one showing it in Pharo development environment: